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Postby fgs44 on Wed Oct 19, 2005 2:52 pm

Coming into this season, very few fans and media, thought that Wofford would be a significant factor in the SoCon this year. Of course thats not unusual, particularly coming from the AppState and GSU arena. In actuality, if I was a fan from another school, I probably would have thought those kind of thoughts myself. Wofford has not been given credit for building the kind of football program that can sustain itself succesfully year in and year out. The past three years are more or less looked at as an aberration by the "big three". However, being close to the program, I am aware, as many of you are, of the type of athlete, student, and person that we have been successful in recruiting. At the beginning of this year, I thought we had the potential to be very good. Here's why:

QB-----According all reports Josh Collier is a very talented QB, especially suited for our offense. He has athleticism, leadership skills, and understands the offense well. He only needed game experience.

WR------We have some speed, sure hands, and depth. Most are very well schooled and take pride in downfield blocking.

RBs--------We lost KJ, but we have two promising soph's with talent

HB's--------Some speed and power, good blocking on the wings

OFL---------We lost two huge contributors, but we have some young guys with more quickness, and we have a solid core of vets

DEF line------Bethay et al have the potential to be very good despite the two huge losses. A RS freshmen has the potential to be very good.

Linebackers and secondary-----Above average speed and very good experience, especially in the secondary

Those are the reasons that I thought we had the potential to be very good. So far, we have only demonstrated our potential in flashes. Last week may have been the hump that Josh has needed to get over. If his decision making skills, that I know he possesses become automatic, and the offensive line can eliminate their mistakes, then our offensive production should go up dramatically. Our defense has the potential to cause some turn-overs. If we can contain Richie Williams, which will be a huge challenge, and force App state to run the ball, which they do very well, then I think we will get some turn-overs. If we realize our potential, then we can realistically have an opportunity to win the game and build on it towards a another exciting conference race for the Terriers. The thing that we as fans tend to forget is that every team in our conference, indeed teams everywhere have the same goal each year. Its a very competitive environment, and in order to succeeed you need not only the talent, but the execution. I think we have the talent, the coaching staff, and now we need for it all to come together in the execution.
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Postby BestOfBreed on Wed Oct 19, 2005 4:29 pm

Josh Collier is going to have to step up big time for us to have a chance. I think he can do it. The talent is there.
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Postby dungeonjoe on Fri Oct 21, 2005 6:58 am

Good post fgs. I believe injuries have given us problems with execution this year, along with the occasional bout of inexperience. I think your observation of the historic big three and Wofford is spot on. It will take time and consistency to truly expand that understanding of many of our SoCon family.
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