Is it possible to pinpoint the main thing hurting us?

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Is it possible to pinpoint the main thing hurting us?

Postby woffordgrad94 on Mon Oct 19, 2015 3:34 pm

Is it the coaching? A lot of questionable decisions have been discussed here involving playcalling, clock management, defensive schemes (i.e. playing off receivers)and who starts at QB, just to give a few examples. Yet there is also still a lot of support for the coaches despite this. I have followed the Prospects 2016 thread and have been glad to see that we are getting some guys that I am excited about. But if the coaching issues are real, then we will probably continue to have trouble winning games even with great talent on the roster. So it is safe to say that even though the current coaching staff still has backing, the jury is definitely out on some of their decisions? If the questionable stuff continues, just exactly how long a leash should they be on? Cosidering our past success and the loyalty most Wofford folks show, this is a very tough and complex question. Is it really just the coaches that are making us lose? I think the program issues may be deeper than that. For example, youth and inexperience may be playing a hand in coaching decisions.

Is it the fact that academic standards just keeps us from getting as good of players? Well, the same standards existed in 2003, 2007, and 2012, years in which we made playoff runs. And the basketball team has made 4 NCAAs in six years. So though standards may make recruiting more difficult at times, academics don't seem to be a viable excuse for the team struggling as they are. There is definitely more to it than that.

Is it the injuries? Injuries have been a major problem for us. But are these injuries the result of mere bad luck, or is there a reason we get so many? For instance, do we have smaller players at Wofford due to the aforementioned recruiting limitations who are more at risk of injury? This is a hard one to answer. I still think bad luck plays a major role here.

Is it mainly a question of execution? We have had A LOT of turnovers this year and have had lapses at the most inopportune times. I think this one is a biggie. If we could just clean up the execution, we would improve quite a bit. But again, young and inexperienced guys are more likely to make errors.

I have been very critical of the team lately. I have been posting on impulse and emotion and and have not really thought things totally through until now. But when I do stop and really think about it, I think we are simply in a period where a big thing is that lady luck is not shining on us. We avoided the major injuries in the years we've been really good. We avoided having as many turnovers, which are admittedly going to happen occasionally with option football, and more importantly, we avoided having them in key situations. Unfortunately, we have had more than our share of them lately, and part of that is plain bad luck. Part of it is inexperience too. Many of our guys are NOT ready, but injury has forced them into action. And maybe that is why the coaches are so conservative- because a lot of our guys are not really ready for this. It is my hope that these players will mature and improve, the coaches will develop more confidence in them and open the playbook for them, and our injury troubles will ease up, If those things happen, we could be fully back in a couple of years. We might see some real progress as early as next year. But this year is pretty much lost. We have dug too big a hole and our problems aren't going away overnight.
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Re: Is it possible to pinpoint the main thing hurting us?

Postby Ruckus on Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:49 pm

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Re: Is it possible to pinpoint the main thing hurting us?

Postby TerrierDomination on Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:48 pm

"Do you want to be safe and good, or do you want to take a chance and be great?" - Jimmy Johnson

The former Dallas Cowboys coach, Jimmy Johnson, knows his old team well and believes he knows why it has struggled for so long.
"The No. 1 motivator is fear. Fear of maybe letting down your teammates or being embarrassed or chastised or fear of losing your job," Johnson told Patrick. "Where is the fear in Dallas? There is no fear in Dallas. It's a country club where everybody is buddies."
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett should be fearful of losing his job, Johnson believes. This week's Desperation Bowl in Philadelphia might be the biggest game of his career.

Sounds a lot like Wofford. This week's Desperation Bowl in Spartanburg might be the biggest game of his MA career.

For the 4 of you that are still listening, stop your whining about how MA deserves his Job. MA is a great man and has done a great job with Wofford. Post your own post and quit poking holes through mine.

Note: Since there is nothing good to talk about, Hey, What is your greatest Wofford football game. WOW the win at App state was AWESOME. There fans were crazy and it was COLD.
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