Clemson Game Thread

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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby Abey Ward on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:47 am

Brandon Goodson earned the starting position by his performance in practice.
Apparently he has done well.

Clemson is ranked 12th in the nation with a top 10 QB.
Last year they were the #1 D in the country.
OU scored 3 on them.
They have a true freshman that runs a 4.2.

We played as as hard with maximum effort that can be asked of these kids.
Clemson game is about money and heart. Venables had his defense ready for the triple option.

This team is an FCS team that will give maximum effort every week.
When the defensive players are on the sidelines receiving IV's and running back out on the field, not asking to sit out a series is some SERIOUS Heart. We will now play teams that we will be competitive with.

We have 4 weeks to get everyone as healthy as possible.
Hopefully getting 3 wins prior to conference play.
MA will put the best players at each position that are healthy on the field and they will play Wofford football.
They may or may not get the 3 W's but it won't because of the lack of effort.

Or you can run the option to the short side of the field against a team that is faster and expect a different result.
Just Sayin.
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby TerrierbobII on Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:59 am

Well said. Not as close to the program as most of the frequent posters, but I doubt the 38 point difference will be the largest Clemson has this year.
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby Ruckus on Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:43 pm

Wasn't going to post for a while but can't resist. My grandmother used to say if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Defense played hard but once again, cannot be on the field the whole game and carry the team v anybody much less CU. Offensive struggles continue. Goodson played ok (had one dropped pass (Gay)) but missed some reads. I personally would like to see Jacks more.
Seems like we have lost who we are and what we do best. Establish the FB and run the option with play action off of it.
I am very afraid we are in for another long year. I don't see us winning a game until October. 3-8 looks like a possibility. More of the same old same old. But no reason to get upset because nothing will change. We are just a very mediocre (at best) football team. Yet. Again.
See y'all Saturday where maybe we can get a first down before the first half is about to expire.

What's our injury situation? Jones and Green didn't look good.
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby youngterrier on Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:46 pm

I don't think the sky is falling.

As far as I'm concerned the season starts saturday
Study hard, Work Hard, Party Hard, Go Terriers!
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby Eyes of Old Main on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:58 am

Shanesy re: the QB decision

Not sure if it was a HC call or an OC call. Either way, it might have been the right call with the information on hand at the time, who knows?

I expected to lose this game so I am on to the next game which we still can win, but I can't shake some lingering concern over Jacks' comments. He answered very diplomatically and showed a great deal of leadership and class, but I can't help but sense that he is a very disappointed young man. Hopefully he shakes it off for what it is and moves on.

I just hope that we aren't seeing a repeat of the revolving QB door we had in 2013 as that kind of poor leadership on the part of the coaches really stunted the growth of that team.
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby 19TERRIER19 on Mon Sep 07, 2015 8:13 am

I actually think the ram played hard. Clemson is a legit playoff caliber team. Great in all 3 phases. There's reason that the Clemson folks feel this is the best team they have put together in years. No need to over analyze this game. We were beaten soundly by a considerably better team. no shock there. If you want to compare feel free to check back at the Appy State score next week as they stroll into Death Valley. They will be beaten like a kettle drum as well. No need to panic

Also, I think we moved the ball with Jacks the best. Goodson wasn't bad either. Was in the game when Clemson was chomping at the bit and getting after U.S. For us to take advantage of Goodson's skill set maybe when he's in we could think of throwing the "forward pass" to receivers. I know it's a crazy thought. But I digress. Under the system we run, Jacks is best suited for the most snaps.

I think We get back on track this week against a good Tennessee tech team. This should be a fun one. I predict a shoot out on the scoreboard. Houston destroyed ten tech last week 50 something to 20 something. So they are coming off a similar scenario as we did, except we played one of the nations best teams and they played Houston. M

Injuries that I heard about.

EJ may have a torn labrum. He should be able to play with that but will be painful and nagging throughout the year and most likely will require some sort of surgery after the season

Jalil sprained his MCL I believe which is a week to week scenario I believe so he should be back sooner than later

Not sure of the extent of Mike Jones knee injury. Haven't heard much on it

And I think Wafe Francis may have an injury of some sort.

That's some things I gathered

Looking forward to seeing how we line up with even level competition.
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby TerrierDomination on Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:49 am

We have all seen a greater effort by our Wofford Terriers. Our coaches will have to have a better game plan this season.We are not talented enough just to line up and give the ball to Eric Breitenstein and WIN. We don't have EB anymore. Our fans on this blog need to stop making excuses for our team. If you want something to talk about, everyone knew that Lee Skinner was the team leader. Who is our leader in football?
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby 19TERRIER19 on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:03 pm

From what I have seen and knowing the academic requirements of Wofford, Wofford never has been more talented in al phases then their competition. I think folks take too much from a game like this either way. Last season which ended in mediocre fashion, Wofford came out and played Georgia Tech to the wire, how did that effect our 6-5 season results???? Step away from the ledge and let the season take form. Lots of talent on this roster, and the coaches have not forgotten how to win. Things get back to normal this week to week prep for a good opponent.

No excuses are needed, we played, we lost. Move on. Short term memory, that loss shouldn't define our season and I am confident it will not. Many games left that actually matter to OUR SEASON.

Get em Terriers. Looking forward to a good one on Saturday.
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Re: Clemson Game Thread

Postby walliver on Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:13 pm

Tigers led the Hillbillies 31-0 at the half and won 38-10. Not a lot of difference between the two games.
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