"Same old story, same all song and dance"

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"Same old story, same all song and dance"

Postby bigdogbarking on Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:04 pm

I'm BBAAAAAACCCCKKK!!!!! Being away from this board for awhile, I thought that the subject matter would change, but was I wrong! I think that we all know that: 1. Coach can't coach. 2. Diagnosis by training staff leaves a lot to be desired. 3. The kids all try hard. and 4. Not a lot of depth.

I STILL hasn't learned about giving away outs. You only get 27 per game. Each one is valuable. Over the last 5 years, how many Tommy Johns? I know someone who was diagnosed with a strained hip, turned out to be a herniated disk AND a stress facture in his back. Ballplayers still play hard. We have opportunities to get real good ballplayers here, but for some reason (indifference by coaches), they decide to go elsewhere.

I STILL don't know. This can be fixed, but need to change the staff and bring someone in who knws how to coach. Doesn't matter how old or young that person is, he just needs how to coach.

Discuss. Am I wrong here?

Re: "Same old story, same all song and dance"

Postby DiamondTerrier on Wed May 01, 2013 11:20 am

BigDog...We still have questionable decisions made by coach, I agree. I do see where progress is being made now during his tenure. I think for a while this was just way over his head. This is the first year I think that "he gets it". This said, the three areas that still is baffling to everyone is his positioning of a couple positions and that he still can't anticipate the game flow enough to have the bullpen ready when needed. By the time he needs to pull a pitcher he doesn't have anyone ready in the bullpen or either no one is even in the pen yet. These are the areas that I see where progression needs to be made.

Now the training staff is a different story. Simple...FIRE THEM! Too many miss-diagnosed injuries. Inexcusable!

As far as getting better players...that won't happen with 4 1/2 scholarships. Not at our academic standards and the cost of attending Wofford. That will never happen. We don't need to lower our standards but we do need the 11.7. WE don't have the luxury of going out and recruiting pure athletes. We have to recruit by position. What I mean by that is this; the last year that Cal State Fullerton won the World Series they talked about how all 8 position players were high school shortstops. These guys are athletes and we don't have the luxury of padding the roster in this way because of limited scholarships. AD needs to step up to the plate here but we all know that will not happen. He feels by showing up to some games and staying for a few innings is supporting the program.

I really hope Coach I will continue to progress. Super nice guy, just needs to be more of a people person and not isolate himself from everyone.


Re: "Same old story, same all song and dance"

Postby dialing8 on Wed May 01, 2013 6:46 pm

Good stuff DiamondTerrier.

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