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Mike Ayers - Class Act

Postby WoCo65 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:41 am

I just wanted to share with all of the TerrierFans members a note about Coach Ayers.
I played ball at Wofford through the lean years leading up to Coach Ayers coming back to our beloved institution. My freshman year was his last at Wofford before he left with Coach Sasser to head to ETSU and run their program. That year I practiced on the scout squad getting his defense ready each week for all of the opponents we would face so I kinda feel that I actually did get to play for him in a sense. So I grew to respect the man and how he coaches, prepares, and manages our Terriers today. Through the years, I've kept in touch with him letting him know milestones in my life and congratulating him on great Wofford wins.
Recently, I contacted him about my Dad who has battled diabetes all of his life. The toll the disease has taken on his aging body is beginning to add up and he just recently lost his remaining leg with a below-the-knee amputation on his right leg. Dad's spirits have been down leading up to this process and his energy level was not where it should. I reached out to Coach Ayers not sure if he would remember my Dad very well or not, asking if he would mind taking a few minutes out of his busy preseason schedule to give Dad a call and pep talk. He agreed to do that.
This morning, my father called me in total disbelief at the phone conversation he had just had. "Out of the blue....", Coach Ayers called and told him that not only was he praying for him but so was the hole staff and team. He told Dad that he may have some tough times ahead of him but all he has to do is "get back up and fight again, and keep getting up". Reminiscent of his Clemson pregame talk. He also told Dad "thank you for sending your son to Wofford".
We are truly blessed to have Coach Mike Ayers molding our young Terriers and leading our football team!!
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Re: Mike Ayers - Class Act

Postby Loyalterrier on Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:35 pm

That is a great story. But it does not surprise me because he is a great person and leader. And there are so many other schools that could not care less about the coach's character as long as they win. Thanks for sharing and good luck to your dad.

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