What's the excuse this week?

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What's the excuse this week?

Postby ILoveWofford on Sun May 16, 2010 9:27 pm

Let me hear it...we just got swept by one of the worst teams in the league. What's the excuse now. I know, I know....they have more scholarships than us...never mind.

Re: What's the excuse this week?

Postby blitz4 on Sun May 16, 2010 10:51 pm

Im going to go with OUR PITCHING IS HORRIBLE!!!! But that is due to the lack of scholarships. Wink Wink. All I can say is pathetic.

Re: What's the excuse this week?

Postby BossTerrier on Mon May 17, 2010 8:17 am

I respect the arguement that lack of total funding contributes to our inability to win conference titles consistently. It should not, however, remove all opportunity for a .500 season every 4 years.
I didn't see the football team this bad when it had 1/2 the scholarships of the rest of the conference.
Soccer was abysmal at Wofford for the past 15 years but one good coach later they are SoCon Champs and in the NCAA tournament, with 1/2 the scholarships of other programs. It can be done. (winning that is)

I would be curious to hear from the program supporters that believe that lack of scholarships is the key reason we are where we are as a program, is this product (errors, bad pitching, mental mistakes, etc.) just due to lack of scholarships or is there something more?
To use a big league example, The Cubs have the 3rd highest payroll in the majors, have played one of the easiest schedules to date, and are 6 games under .500. Is it due to money, or performance?

My point is you have to play your best, and this team does not play its best consistently...this last series should be a serious wake up call to the folks that think there is something building on the baseball diamond at Wofford, because I don't see it. I hope we turn this thing around next year.

Go Terriers!

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