First 2 Games

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First 2 Games

Postby oldT-Dog on Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:01 pm

I saw the first 2 games last Friday and Sunday. Here is the good and the bad:

The Good:

We beat PC. We had the majority of the possession for the match. The final score was 3-2 and we managed to pull out the win after being tied 2-2.

Though we didn't beat ETSU, we outplayed them and held possession for most of the game. We had a shot advantage of 14-8.

In general we are much more attack minded this year. There is an obvious effort to push the ball forward.

RP is getting a lot of different players playing time. I'm not sure if this is bc he has not decided on a 12 - 15 who will play most of the year or not. But there are some young talented players on the bench and giving them PT makes for a bright future.

The bad:

Defending. We gave up 2 goals to PC in 1 minute in the second half. The first was well taken but the second was terrible. We also gave up a goal to ETSU 6 minutes into the game. Marking in our defensive 3rd has to get better or it will be a long season.

Unable to make Adjustments. In the ETSU game we continued to play balls over the top and they had some very good defenders who kept our front line in check. We missed opportunities to exploit ETSU on the flanks by switching the ball and playing simple balls to the outside midfielders who had miles of space on the outside. We continued to play balls down the middle in the air and this made for a very narrow field. When our first offensive option is bottled up we have to make adjustments or goals will be few and far between.

Overall, I thought the boys looked pretty good. The early goal against ETSU made them have to force the issue offensively the rest of the game and that is why ETSU got the second goal late in the match. We could have a really good season if we tighten up defensively. As a goalkeeper, Joey will keep us in a lot of matches, but he cannot do it alone.
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Postby T-Dogg on Mon Sep 08, 2008 5:44 pm

I for one am just glad our tactics are better. I hated seeing us play not to loose, it seems we may now be playing to win. That will certainly put more pressure on our defense but I trust RP will make adjustments and recruit players with those issues in mind.

I think we have solid existing players but playing in a different system will no doubt take time. Our attitude is so much better and I hope we will be proud of our once proud soccer program!

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