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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 2:29 pm
by glehr
T-Dawg and everyone else on here talking about rambling and responding directly to my responses:

I never said anything about my opinion. All I said was that for a group of guys who allegedly want to see success and pull for the program (even though you say everything is a "fluke")...YOU are bashing a guy who's actually in the program right now! Wallace isn't at wofford so all I was saying was I don't get why people would "stop putting money" towards wofford and cry if Intradonardo was coach. Now onto rambling: I never posted anything that was "hear-say" like most on here. I don't have a son that's on the team. I in fact, played at Wofford far too many yrs ago but still know baseball. I love the post about going to the games where they stole and had fun. Look at the #'s and you'll see the guy knows baseball. Two years ago they were very talented and were hitting teams around...then injuries came. So, Intradonardo decides that he needs to be more aggressive with the power bats getting hurt. So they steal unmercifully on teams. Look at the stats - I just did. Fast guys who never stole bases before him (Eaves, Johnson, Pitmann, Kirkley) all were now stealing double digit bases. This yr they lead the country in HR's and slowed down on the bases. He put Sturkie in at clutch times and what happened - sturkie came through! That's what coaching is...and it is not dependent on overall yrs coaching. Traylor had 20 yrs coaching and all season you guys wanted him fired so I don't understadn how yrs coaching is that huge of a factor!

As for recruiting: I'm sure Dye, Caglian, Kearney, all the frosh pitchers and hitters were all recruited by him. And you know what's great...he recruited outside of the upstate for a change (there's good baseball everywhere)!

As for 8 wins in SoCon: all the players you mentioned not recruited by him were the majority of the team - that led to that record so your recruiting point is moot. They lost there #1 pitcher again this year and their Closer was hurt for most of the year. Baseball is all about pitching...and Intradonardo is the hitting coach. Oh, and the hitting coach for the #1 offensive D1 team in the country. Does he qualify - maybe... Are there more deserving - maybe... but I can say this: Anyone who stops supporting Wofford bc of his hiring; please stop supporting them now! I am a huge Wofford fan and I don't want to be in the same boat as any fairweather fans or anyone who would mock a guy before he's given a chance. I'm sure the true wofford fans will pick up the slack and actually put positive energy instead of constant b!tchin on here.

Feel bad for Coach I

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:08 pm
by Peaches
I never knew this website existed until one of my former teammates told me about this. I just was going through this and I read all this stuff about Coach I and Wallace. I know that many of you on here have strong feelings about this (for whatever reason). I do not know Wallace and can only admit that he has done great things at SMC and appears to be a good coach. But, as a player who played for Coach I; it's kind of funny/sad that people would have negative words to say about him (Indicating that you don't actually know him). He brings an unbelievable amount of energy and knowledge (I don't care if he's 30, 60 or 12 - baseball is baseball and you know it or don't) to the game. However, Coach I is always looking to learn more - as all coaches should do (and is the downfall of many). Coach I will be the first to say that though he may be x yrs old and have x yrs. experience - he'll put just as much if not more energy and passion into it then anyone else. I wish I could've played for Coach I more than the yrs I got to play for him. And after reading through ALL the posts on here - it's a shame so many of you can dedicate any negative words. If you want someone else - then so be it - give your reasoning. But don't use this as your own personal forum to knock a guy to prove your point. He's gotten his MBA, lives and breathes the game and Wofford baseball, and led the best offense in the country to their first ever SoCon championship and regional. What more can he do?

Good luck to who ever gets the job...I feel bad for them because they will be subject to nothing but negativity from people who hide behind a computer screen name. How about everyone starts signing their real names on the bottom...


PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:32 pm
by dogs2727

Your last point is ridiculous. You made point of signing your name to the post, and I just went back and checked and nobody on the roster last year had a name "Peaches". It must be the desk and the computer screen.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:41 pm
by dogs2727
An FYI--as good as everyone thought our offense was, unfortunately it was still 5th or 6th best in the SoCon in terms of batting average. Sadly, I don' think that makes us the best in the country.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:49 pm
by Ruckus
I personally am glad to hear good things about Coach I since I don't know him and it appears that he may be the next head coach. I know he has brought some much needed energy and enthusiasm to the program and appears to have a bright future. While I don't think you can award him the credit for our fantastic finish, I have nothing negative to say about him other than to point out there appears to be more qualified candidates in the mix in terms of experience and knowledge which comes with time around the game and people who are more knowlegable (more time = more knowlege). I do think we need someone who can recruit and handle pitchers better which is obviously a weakness in recent years but that doesn't disqulaify him or anyone else in my opinion.
Which brings up my second point. This forum is for the expression of opinions whether we agree with them or not. No one, as I recall, has "knocked" or "bashed" Coach I personally or expressed anything other than their concern over his abilities to lead the team as head coach. It is their right to form them and express them (even if they are wrong). If you disagree, that's your business. But it makes the opinions no less valid or worthy of expressing because after all they are opinions not facts. If you don't agree, say so; but don't accuse, assign malintent, or disparage those who disagree with you. And everyone, please stop the dares, the name calling, and personal attacks on/to other posters to this board.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:03 pm
by Peaches
Yes, my entire point is ridiculous because I jokingly signed it peaches. I have no problem signing my real name bc I am comfortable in my positive thoughts.

Also, I was unaware that offense solely consitutes batting average. Talk to Billy Beane/Theo about that one...

FYI...Wofford's OPS last yr of .903 was 3rd behind Charleston and Western (.928) and would've been tops if they walked more consistently. Slugging was 2nd in the conference; and HR's wasn't even close. They were on par in Walks and HBP's and SB% was one of the tops in the conference.

...conversely, led conf. in errors and 2nd to last in ERA.
...also had 2 seniors in starting lineup.

Also very good point Ruckus. Although, I disagree that time = knowledge, necessarily. There are many young people out there with more knowledge then those that have been around for years. Look at the influx of young GM's in major league baseball to prove that. Also, saying that you will stop supporting Wofford because of a baseball coach is a little excessive in my opinion. Many are promoting another because of the lack of "xyz" of Coach I; hence why I said that it seems as if they are talking negatively about him. I was saying just stay positive - if you want someone else highlight their positive attributes; not somebody else's [b]perceived[/b] negatives.


PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 4:31 pm
All I am saying is that I would find it hard to believe that the best candidate from a nationwide search would be an assistant with the current team.

Re: Points

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 5:39 pm
by t-dawgfever
Lehr, I love the fact that you are giving Interdonato credit for everything good that happened this year and no credit to anyone else. You played at Wofford so you should know who makes most of the decisions when it comes to offense and substitutions. It is NOT the assistants. Sure, Traylor may have given Coach Interdonato a little more flexibility in calling the offense. But the head coach makes personnel decisions, substitutions, and for that matter, he has the final say on what kind of offense they are going to run (with a little input from the assistants.) Traylor has final word on EVERYTHING, you can put that in the bank. I guess since you had such a great senior year, then you think Todd Whithed should be in the running.
And I will say this again to all those who think I and everyone else are bashing Interdonato. All we are saying is that he is not close to the best candidate for the job. We can point out numerous reasons as to why he is not, including knowing some of the other candidates in the running. If that is bashing, then I guess we are. It's nothing personal. I don't even know him personally. You don't have to to know there are much better options out there.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:26 pm
by 2007SoConChamps
I completely agree with "glehr" and "Peaches" on all of their posts. As a player that played for Coach I for two years, all I can say is that the man is a great coach. The two years before Coach I came, we played with less emotion, intensity, and we could never seem to bring anything together on the field. Since he arrived we have become a great hitting team and above all a dangerous team. We still have a long way to go but if the program continues to improve at the rate it has in the past two years...who knows where the program will be. I understand that everyone wants "The Great Wallace" but until you have been on the field during practice and games you will never understand the knowledge and intensity that Coach I brings to the table. All most of you do is watch Live Stats and believe that you know what is going on...well, you are completely wrong. Coach I is a well-deserving candidate and I know that his youth and ability to coach is what the program needs. These guys not only can play but believe that they can play. It is no "fluke" what happened in Charleston, it was simply a good baseball team putting things together and winning and I give majority credit to Coach I for having us ready to play before every game.

And let us not forget that Wallace has never coached at the Div. 1 is a completely different game. I am not saying that he wouldn't do great, but don't assume anything. Past stats and records mean nothing when you move up a level of baseball. I just find it hard to believe that so many people, who really know nothing, can criticize a man who dedicates so much of his life to Wofford baseball. Anytime Gilmartin or one of the hitters wanted to hit, he was out there throwing in the cages until the morning. Would Wallace do that? I don't know but I do know that Coach I will do anything he can to make the program better.

And I'm glad to see Peaches on the forum...if it is who I think it is, the man scored the biggest run in Wofford Baseball history!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:31 pm
by glehr
I do not know Intradonado personally - all I was saying is that none of you can definitively say who is a better candiate etc. bc I'm sure each one has positives and negatives. However, you guys are only pointing out negatives like "Peachs" explained and it's just frustrating to hear that the hiring of a good coach would cause people to stop supporting Wofford.

Also, I've heard that Intradonardo had much to do wth everything regarding the offense. That is what I was juding my opinion on. I agree that everyone should be able to voice an opinion - but when everyone on here complains about experience, etc. and that's all they bring up I just don't think it's fair to sell out a coach who was instrumental in the last two "successful" step years. Whoever is chosen, I wish him the best of luck as Wofford has had some great players under Traylor/"Whiteman"/McKillop/Intradonardo and I hope they can keep building.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 9:46 am
by Ruckus
Saying one thing for him, Coach I certainly has few dedicated devotees. But I would also submit that playing for a guy one year doesn't necessarily mean you know more than someone else about who should be the new head coach. There have been a ton of coaches universally supported and loved by their players who were not right for the job and performed poorly: Jeff Torbush and Gulledge at UNC come to mind. You're right about one thing though: no one knows what is going on with a team unless they are in that dugout. But I think we would all agree winning games is the primary objective indicator of ability to coach and lead a team. Thus, only 8 wins in conference play is bad and 5 straight in C'ton is good. Not that I am "negative" or adverse to Coach I, I would just feel more comfortable if Wofford chose a more proven candidate with a track record (con: Traylor had a good one when he came). Botton Line: Coach I is a risky hire because of his lack of experience (and I can assure you experience does matter, see Chal Port, Bill Wilhelm, June Raines, Augie Garrito, Skip Bertman, the coach at Rice, Joe Torre, Bobby Cox, I could go on and on) but I wish whomever gets the job the very best and will continue to support the team regardless who is coaching.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:01 pm
by fgs44
Unless you are RJ, then no one really knows what is going on for sure. For all we know Mr Wallace has been offered the job, but has declined. Perhaps there is a list being developed for the top several candidates with the top choice being offered and so on till someone accepts. If you start by saying a national search is being instituted then offer the job to someone the first week, then it seems that is contradictory. RJ has the job and the responsibility. All of us are just fans and interested parties that want the best for Wofford, and it is very easy to offer up opinions when we don't have any real knowledge of the potential candidates, the compensation package, other opportunities that the potential candidates may have in front of them, or what kind of career path they may be seeking for themselves---

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:19 pm
by BestOfBreed
fgs44 wrote:Unless you are RJ, then no one really knows what is going on for sure. For all we know Mr Wallace has been offered the job, but has declined. Perhaps there is a list being developed for the top several candidates with the top choice being offered and so on till someone accepts. If you start by saying a national search is being instituted then offer the job to someone the first week, then it seems that is contradictory. RJ has the job and the responsibility. All of us are just fans and interested parties that want the best for Wofford, and it is very easy to offer up opinions when we don't have any real knowledge of the potential candidates, the compensation package, other opportunities that the potential candidates may have in front of them, or what kind of career path they may be seeking for themselves---

I couldn't agree more.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:14 pm
by 2007SoConChamps
Ruckus- Come on with that list of basically named some of the best coaches of all time. How about young guys that work out well for a program or franchise ie. Joe Girardi. And also, when Joe Torre was hired by the Yankees he had never been successful anywhere else. When Cox was hired by the Braves he had never won anything. So it is easy to say that these coaches are successful but when they were hired, there were obviously better candidates on the market. And at NC State, Tanner started out as a graduate assistant.

Lets not forget that we are talking about a program that is basically starting to establish itself. This isn't the Yankees or Cal State Fullerton, this is a program that needs someone to be there for the long haul and build a program. Coach I is that type of person, someone that can use his youth and energy to grow with the program.

Also, the players are a good indication of how good a coach is. They are the ones that have to play for this guy and if they feel that he is the best choice, I believe that it should carry some weight.


PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 2:29 pm
by Ruckus
Thankfully most schools don't leave it to the 18-21 yr old players to choose and hire the coaches and neither should we. Hiring a coach isn't a popularity contest. And I trust RJ to make the right call as AD more than a bunch of kids. If that's Coach I, so be it.
Joe Torre won a division championship with the Braves in 1982 (probably before your time) before the Yanks. Are you referring to Bobby Cox's 1st or current stint with the Braves? At the first stint he had been in and worked in the bigs almost if not all all of his career. Before the last/current stint he had coached and general managed the Blue Jays with success before returning to Atlanta. Tanner had coached at NC State for more than 2 years before he was hired as HC. Joe Girardi had a long career as a player in the bigs before retiring and managing. And yes, you don't have to have had a head position to be qualified and experienced but it takes TIME in some capacity. Tim Corbin is a prime example. He never had a HC job til Vandy but he had been at Ohio Wes., Wofford, PC (as HC), and head assistant under Leggett at CU for MANY years before he got the job (about 20 !!!!!). I know we aren't Vandy and I know there are plenty of good coaches who did not have a lot experience when they were hired. But Wofford is a good school in a strong mid major conference with a lot of things in our favor. We don't have to settle for mediocre. We should demand the best. If that's Coach I or TW or anyone else (I understand there are a number of good candidates), then great.
Another of the Coach I's cheerleaders mentioned that "baseball is baseball" and either you know "it" or you don't. I couldn't disagree more. Traylor knew a lot of baseball but as we know there is a lot more that goes into it than just playing through college and being an assitant for a few years. Recruiting, budgets, fundraising, strategy, handling players, academic issues, dealing admin and alums. I have no doubt Coach I would bring (and has brought) a lot of energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the job (which we need) but the question remains: is he ready to handle everything else? I don't think he will be starting over. He would actually be getting a program with a brand new beautiful stadium that has a long storied history with a lot success with dedicated and supportive alums but in recent years has struggled.
Yes, we do need someone there for the long haul to build a program. Has he ever done that before or been somewhere long enough to see that done? Is he going to commit to a number of years at Wofford? Do we sign him to a long term contract and then face the possibility of buying it out if things go bad? If we don't, what roots does he have with Wofford or S'burg so if he is as good as some say there is something to keep him here when the big boys throw money at him? Hmmm, things that should be considered perhaps.
I have said all I care to on the subject. I have faith RJ and ML will make the right call whomever is hired. I just hope it's soon to put an end to all this.