Day Of Pentecost

Southern Conference Champions - 2007

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Day Of Pentecost

Postby BossTerrier on Wed May 30, 2007 2:49 pm

Please see devotional below from Lane Glaze, Former Terrier Baseball player-

From: "Lane Glaze" <>
> Date: 2007/05/27 Sun PM 10:32:08 EDT
> To: <>
> Subject: Clemson Wesley Weekly Devotional - 5.27.07
> Pentecost in the Port City
> When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.
> Acts 2:1, NIV
> Note: Today is Pentecost Sunday, the day in which Christians throughout the
> world celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit during the Pentecost festival
> (see Acts 2), giving birth to the Church as we know it. On that day many
> bizarre and unexpected things happened, with maybe the most unusual being
> how an ordinary band of men and women from Galilee were empowered by God's
> Spirit in unimaginable ways. As I followed reports this week of my beloved
> Wofford College winning game after game in the Southern Conference Baseball
> Tournament in Charleston, I began to see some connections to what happened
> in Jerusalem centuries ago and what we as Christians celebrate on Pentecost
> Sunday. CLG
> As a four-year baseball letterman at Wofford College during one of the
> school's winningest eras, the last dozen or so years of Terrier baseball
> have been painful for me to watch.
> Wofford began playing for the Southern Conference championship in baseball
> in 1998. Since then, my alma mater has scratched an embarrassing 83-203
> win-loss record against conference competition - a winning percentage of
> less than .300. The Terriers have not had a winning season on the diamond
> since 1992, losing a whopping 215 more games than they won during those
> years. To make matters even worse for me, Wofford has been pummeled
> repeatedly since joining the conference by The Citadel, one of our main
> South Carolina rivals and the school where both my brothers played baseball
> during their college years. Before this past week's Southern Conference
> Tournament in Charleston, the two teams had met previously 30 times in
> conference play, with Wofford winning only four of those games. Yes, these
> last few years have been painful to watch - for me and many of my former
> teammates.
> The 2007 Terrier squad finished the regular season better than in past
> years. Overall, their regular season record was five games below .500,
> eleven games below that mark in conference play. Nobody - even the most
> diehard of Wofford fans - expected them to last more than a day or two when
> they arrived in Charleston for the play-in game this past Tuesday against
> Furman. Historically, the Terriers had only made three appearances in the
> season-ending tournament, winning only one game in six tries.
> Over the last few days, however, an amazing turn of events took place.
> Suddenly, this mediocre, at best average team began to play like they had
> never played before. After squeaking by Furman in the play-in game, the
> Terriers pounded the #1 seed in the tournament, the College of Charleston,
> tagging their star pitcher for 12 earned runs in less than five innings
> pitched. The hitting barrage continued the next day, as the Terriers
> whipped UNC-Greensboro by a score of 12-5. Finally, over the last two days,
> Wofford exacted a little revenge on their rival The Citadel, beating the
> Bulldogs twice in their home park to take the Southern Conference crown.
> Over the last five days, the cinderella Terriers had managed to go
> undefeated against teams that they had posted a win-loss record of 26-106
> since joining the conference in 1998. One cannot help but wonder: How did
> this very ordinary group of young men manage to play so extraordinarily well
> over these last few days?
> Nobody matriculates to Wofford College in pursuit of a professional sports
> career. Sure, there are many (myself included) who are drawn to Wofford
> because it will afford them the opportunity to continue playing the sport
> that they love. But all Wofford student-athletes understand that they are
> students, first and foremost. If the "athlete" part ever gets in the way of
> the "student" part, players and coaches both understand clearly which role
> takes precedence. As today's college sports landscape becomes more
> pseudo-professional every day, I grow more grateful for the way that Wofford
> has approached its athletics program over the years.
> Unlike the Clemsons or USCs of our region, Wofford student-athletes learn
> early on that losing a ballgame is not the end of the world. Of course,
> that is not to say that Wofford fans ever grow fond of losing - nobody in
> their right mind should. (I tell students all the time, "I've learned more
> from losing than I ever learned from winning" - boy, would that make Vince
> Lombardi roll over in his grave!) At Wofford students soon realize that
> they will be asked to compete against teams in every sport that have more
> resources or, in some cases, lower academic standards than their school.
> Over time Wofford students and alumni have learned to take pride in the
> "underdog" label, a status symbolized so well by the school's mascot, a
> Boston Terrier. With a student body of only 1150, Wofford remains one of
> the smallest schools competing on the NCAA Division I stage.
> It is for all of these reasons that the events in recent days mean so much
> to the Wofford nation - all 15,000 of us! For a few days at least, these
> young men bonded together, played to their fullest potential, and won a
> championship. Years down the road, when they are most likely practicing law
> or medicine, teaching school, serving churches or running their own
> businesses, these young men will remember the spring of 2007 when together
> they were able to do an extraordinary thing, beyond their wildest
> imaginations.
> Centuries ago, the Spirit of God descended like a rushing, violent wind on a
> group of men and women huddled in a room, full of doubt and uncertainty
> about their future. Over the season that had just passed, they had
> performed well at times, but so poorly at other times. They had been told
> to wait patiently, for their day would soon arrive. Bonded together in one
> place, they awaited the day when the Spirit of God would break loose in
> their midst. When what they had been waiting for finally happened during
> the Pentecost festival, the world witnessed an amazing movement of God.
> Ordinary men and women, bonded and unified in the Spirit, doing
> extraordinary things. The world as they knew it would never be the same.
> Did the Spirit of God move in unusual ways this past week for the Wofford
> baseball team? I can't say for sure, but I do know this. Empowered by a
> strong bond and common belief, these young men did and saw things that they
> never imagined to be possible. Transcending the familiar and expected, they
> worked together to realize a new dream, a different vision. The world as
> they knew it, including the relationships that they have shared with one
> another, will never be the same. Pentecost arrived early this week in the
> Port City for those wearing the Old Gold and Black.
> May the Holy Spirit empower you to realize the God-inspired dreams and
> visions of your head and heart.
> For all the underdogs,
> lane
> Rev. C. Lane Glaze
> Director - Clemson Wesley Foundation

Postby dungeonjoe on Wed May 30, 2007 3:01 pm

I am getting ready to see my dentist who is a Citadel grad, oh boy!

I am proud of my fellow United Methodist Elder, Rev. Lane Glaze.
great devotional!
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Postby Ruckus on Wed May 30, 2007 3:43 pm

As a friend and former teammate of Lane's, I am proud of his faith, message, and daily representation of who and what Wofford is to some of us. The similarities never occurred to me but are astoundingly clear now. Great article, "9". If you aren't on Lane's weekly devotional mailing list, you are really missing out even if you aren't bent in a religious way. Lane is a very talented and devoted guy.
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Postby terriers on Wed May 30, 2007 4:51 pm

Boy, would I like to have Lane for a preacher.

Postby Eyes of Old Main on Thu May 31, 2007 10:17 am

Great comparison and message. Very well done. Thanks for posting!
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