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Longest Homerun Associated with Wofford Baseball?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:07 pm
by Peachy Carnahan
Mac Doyle's homerun yesterday against UNC-A started me thinking about long home runs hit during Wofford baseball games. Four come to mind:

1. The last game of the season in 1989 against UNC-A, an Asheville player hit a ball over the centerfield fence that landed three quarters of the way up the bank in deep left center field. I walked to the spot I remember it landing and it was a good 60 feet past the fence and a good 20 feet up that bank. There are no demension marks on the field but one of the Asheville staff said it was around 390 in that part of the field. That would make that a legit 450 ft shot. Probably more.

2. Brett Masters hit a blast over the lights at Catawba (1988). That homer was more magestic than lenghthy but the mere fact that it went over the lights was pretty dog gone impressive.

3. Dennis Hemphill hit one in practice that to this day is still playing tricks on my mind. If you remember the old fields demensions (not very big), left center field was 354 ft. There was a ledge beyond that for about 15 or 20 ft. Beyond that was the road which left the field at about a 40 degree angle. Beyond that was a power line that paralleled the road going away from the field. Beyond that was the rail road track. Dennis hit a rising line drive that cleared the fence, the road and was still rising when it hit one of the power lines perfectly in the middle which acted like a rubber band and shot the ball back across the road toward the fence. Dennis was not that big of a guy but had great bat speed and could hit the ball along way. If I were to guess that ball was going 430 /440+. If someone else remembers this any me out cause I'm having trouble believing that one.

4. G Hubbard hit a rising line drive over the 402 sign in a game against USC Aiken in the playoffs. The brick wall in center field was at least 20 ft high and the ball was rising as it went over. No telling how far that ball went.

Anyone else with suggestions on the longest home run associated with Wofford baseball please chime in. Also, if you can call BS on any of dingers I just mentioned please do so. Homerun stories like fishing stories get longer and bigger with time...However, I walked to the spot of the Asheville homer yesterday and it was legit.

Re: Longest Homerun Associated with Wofford Baseball?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:10 pm
by Atldog7
Justin Laughlin hit one in 1992, I believe, at App State to centerfield that went over the incline beyond the fence and over the first line of parked cars and into the middle of the 4-lane road there. Can't remember any longer than that one.

Re: Longest Homerun Associated with Wofford Baseball?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 4:57 pm
by dialing8
My Wofford long ball shot (with the new dead bats!) is the homerun hit by Taylor Rozier this season against Gardner Webb that went over the lights and landed in the grass field on the other side on the road between left and leftcenter. I understand the ball was found after a bounce or two at the railroad track down the hill. I'm not so sure that I have seen one with the old bats hit that high and that long.

Re: Longest Homerun Associated with Wofford Baseball?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:16 pm
by Ruckus
1) In 1987 or 1988, we played West Virgina State in a double header at Law on a cold overcast day. They had a real tall (about 6'4" or 5") lanky black left handed kid who pitched the first game. They called him "Stitch" or "Stretch" or "Stick", or some such. We got a chuckle out of it, but the guy could play and was all they had. Decent pitcher although we touched him up good. Beat the snot out of them in the way you could score 15 plus runs on any given day at Law back then. Anyway, in the night cap, "Stitch" played 1st. He batted left and hit one to right that to this day lives in my memory. His ball left the yard rising in one of the longest parts of the park. Went over the fence, over the embankment behind the fence, over the road, over the power line, and onto the railroad tracks across the street. We all just gawked at it and clapped as he trotted the bases.
2) In 1988 or 89, USC-S 1st baseman Todd (last name escapes me)(from Piedmont S.C. and Palmetto High) hit one off a Wrenn Yancey change-up (sorry, Wren, if you read this) in the Duncan Park Classic. It was a full count and Wren had nibbled and dinked them all day with his change up, curve, and knuckleball; driving them crazy. Wren had screwdrivered and struckout Todd on the first 2 at bats on a change up where he had started to swing before the ball got out of Wren's hand good. Anwyway, 3-2 count, 2 men on, and everyone in the park knew what was coming. When Wren released the ball, Todd began to literally run at the pitch and by the time he made contact his back foot was 2 feet in front of the box. He hit it so hard it went over the Marlboro man in right center rising. Not sure how far it went but it needed a stewardess on it.
3) Former Terrier Bruce Spurling used to hit some monster shots. Not sure any were measured but to this day he hit the ball the hardest of anybody I ever saw. 2-5 used to say Bruce was the only person he was scared to pitch B-P to...........even behind a screen. He used to use 2 screens when he pitched to Spurling.

I recall all 3 of those, Peachy. Hemp was a great talent until he ruined his shoulder. Drafted out of high school. Never could figure out why he decided to play college football. Hub was a line drive hitter but went 4-4 or 5-5 with like 5 or 6 RBIs v USC-A in that district playoff game in Sumter. I think we lost that game by 1 run. Brett Bart is still to this day one of the best college athletes I ever played with or against. He was the real deal. As opposed to many of us, he could still have played and starred today.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:09 pm
by Peachy Carnahan
Ruck, you are correct about Brett. He was about 6'2 and 215 and was quicker and faster than most corner backs. I believe if not for his injury his senior year he would have played at the next level in either sport.

Dennis Hemphill was a phenominal athlete and all around good dude. If anyone has an update on his whereabouts please pm me I would like to track him down.

Thank you for the WC Tech memories. I had forgotten about that monster shot. What I remember about that series was the overall circus environment following that team around. Follow me for a second...The coach for WVT was borderline crazy. He made national news that week for burning all of his teams bats in centerfield in order to purge the team of all the hitting deamons

Re: Longest Homerun Associated with Wofford Baseball?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 6:19 pm
by Peachy Carnahan
One of WVT players related to me that their coach stopped their bus on the interstate and made the entire team run wind sprints because somebody farted on the bus and refused to admit to it...I miss baseball.

Re: Longest Homerun Associated with Wofford Baseball?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:51 pm
by Hooper's Judge
I'm sure we could start an entire thread of the long balls hit by the Terrier's 2007 SoCon championship team. The two that come to mind are Brandon Waring's opposite field shot off of one of the fraternity houses at Georgia Tech, and John Brandt's bomb to straight away center at UGA that landed well onto the tennis courts. For those not familiar with the fields, I have pasted 2 links below for reference:

GT -,+Atlanta,+GA&hl=en&sll=33.777853,-84.39461&sspn=0.002746,0.004128&oq=chandler+stadium&t=h&hq=Chandler+Stadium,+Atlanta,+GA&z=15
UGA -,+Athens,+GA&hl=en&sll=33.940768,-83.379482&sspn=0.001938,0.004128&oq=foley+baseb&t=h&hnear=Foley+Baseball+Field,+Athens,+Georgia+30605&z=17