Why I am "perennially negative" about Wofford baseball

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Why I am "perennially negative" about Wofford baseball

Postby woffordgrad94 on Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:42 am

To be honest, I still think that we in fact did hire the wrong guy! I have no axe to grind, and I have nothing personal against Coach I. But Wallace was simply a better choice. The thread about the public berating of our players (it has started again) helps to prove that point, as do all the errors (both physical and mental) made by this team that have really made the difference in some games. I was once one of Wofford baseball's most avid supporters. I knew all of the players, and Mark Line was such as classy, well-liked guy, and he had winning records with many of the same "funding" issues as we have now. I think Wallace would have worked out very similar to Line for us. If you think that "funding" is the only issue holding back this baseball program, you are sorely mistaken. Sure, it hurts- it hurts a lot. But the problems go far deeper than that. And by the way, I never gave Mike Young a "pass"- I was once a staunch critic of the basketball program as well. I once did mention that funding was an issue for basketball, but I also thought Young to be a mediocre coach. But it turned out that I was totally off-base; Mike Young is a great coach and I was probably too hard on him in the past. But I just don't feel the same way about baseball- even if we were a fully funded program, I think we'd be mediocre, probably not last place, but likely a bottom-tier tournament team (7th or 8th place). The coaching is simply not what it is in football or basketball- fundamentals are still sorely lacking. I'm pretty sure this is not the same situation as Coach Young and basketball were once in. I think it to be much more problematic, and I'm pretty sure I'm not off-base this time around. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I feel that I have every right to post what I feel. I have not made any kind of personal attacks. I have just called it like I see it and have been as honest as I could. I hope that it will turn out I am wrong about baseball too, but sadly I have to doubt that. Maybe one day we'll get more funding and get a chance to find out.

And on another note, I can't believe people see us losing by closer margins as an improvement! A loss is a loss, and you know as well as I do that fewer runs are being scored across the board because of the bats so there will be fewer blowouts.
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