line up questions

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line up questions

Postby reggie warren jr on Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:15 am

after this weekend series, i am perplexed at something about our starting lineup. in my opinion, james foster needs to be at the top of our lineup. i know he had a rough 3 game set, but he stole 20 plus bases last yr as a freshman. when a rhp is on the mound, he needs to be leading off, and when a lhp is starting, he needs to be in the 2 hole. he is the kind of player that can get things going at the top of our order. alex lee does a decent job at getting on base, but he is better at moving runners than he is at setting the table. that will provide us with more speed and flexibility at the top of our lineup. i also feel that behrendt needs to be left alone in that 3 hole with doyle and diamaduros behind him.

osborne pitched surprisingly well today. he battled through 6 tough innings and that was good for his first start of the yr. i still feel that cornley needs to be in the bull pen to finish games. striesel has decent stuff, but he gives up a good amount of extra base hits, and those late in the game are not very good at all
reggie warren jr

Re: line up questions

Postby reggie warren jr on Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:15 am

i guess no one wants to talk about things that really matter on this board. seems like people would much rather talk about coach i bashing and the f'in decline of baseball. really??? this is a thread about the current lineup and we cant get one meaningful post/ reply to it. thats pathetic people.
reggie warren jr

Re: line up questions

Postby bigdogbarking on Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:38 am

Too early. Let's give it another weekend.

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