Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Southern Conference Champions - 2007

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Re: Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Postby wocogoose94 on Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:46 pm

Where can one find the scholarship information for the sports of soccer and baseball? I would like to know where Wofford stands in number of schollies offered compared to the other SOCON schools. Anyone have any concrete information? Thanks

Re: Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Postby dialing8 on Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:42 pm

Good luck with that information. Try calling Richard to get this top secret information.
Here is what I know--
Coach I says he has 4. I have heard he has closer to 5.
Coach Polsen told me he has 4.

Both programs are way underfunded.
Nearly every SoCon team in baseball is fully filled with 11.7.
I believe Furman might be at 7-8.
Davidson has 2-3 BUT they have some endowmwnt that gets their kids so much academic money that they truely have 11.7.
Elon might be at 10, the last time I got info that was reliable.
CofC has 11.7, but sometimes gets cut to 11 because of their sorry GPAs.
I know Richard has the info, but whether he will let all of us know how poorly the programs are funded is another thing he does not really want public.

Maybe we should take this to a new topic after my post.

Re: Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Postby WoCoBaseball on Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:10 am

I actually never posted before today (so don't yell at me for never posting) but these posts were classic!!!

I'll simply state a few things and then leave (never to post again haha jk)...

1. Good for TW. Dude is probably a fantastic guy and coach - and as a former Terrier definitely good to hear. But Reggie (for all his awkward ranting) was kind of right initially. Ya'll give this guy so much air time and credit that in my opinion (again only one person's opinion) it kind of takes away from who we have.. and who we SHOULD be supporting because like it or not - he's OUR guy and TW (whether you like it or not) isn't. You don't think players read these things and think - "everyone hates Coach I" etc. - talk about an uphill battle for I to get the players psychologically in step with his plan.

2. Reggie - you're a recent player who probably played on the SoCon championship team and you deserve credit for that - so good job because you definitely helped the program gain some National Respect (although Waring is still the beast that helps Wofford's name).

3. Stop comparing the intra-Programs at Wofford. Reggie is right - there's no comparison of a (formerly) D1-AA program and it's competition and the Baseball program and it's comp. Wofford Baseball plays and beats USC, Tennessee, CofC, etc. That would be equivalent to the Football team playing and beating Oklahoma, SouthernCal, Notre Dame. I LOVE Wofford football but I can readily admit that there is no comparison between the two. Wofford Football is awesome in it's conference and would get hammered against the teams that Baseball plays. Wofford Baseball would be fairly successful against the lesser tear D1 teams but SHOULD be better against the upper tear teams (if we can beat USC we can beat anybody!).

4. Parallel to point 3 - pre-Division 1 Baseball for Wofford can not be compared with post Division 1. It's complete hyperbole to assert that the statistics are comparable etc. I understand why you do it Ruckus - because you are proud of your pre-D1 playing days which you definitely should be. BUT, again, just like #3 above, the level of competition isn't nearly equivalent. And if you say it is, you're fooling yourself and I really can't take what you say seriously. Again - I'm not taking anything away from anyone - I'm sure TW was a hell of a ball player and I'm sure you were too - but can we PLEASE stop making the comparison's of FCS football and D2 baseball to the Current Wofford team that's in the power SoCon.

5. In order to compete in baseball - you need pitching. SoCon is loaded with stud pitching. Wofford has had a tough time keeping guys healthy enough (and recruiting enough talent, blame money etc. if you want) to really compete throughout a season.

Re: Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Postby reggie warren jr on Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:20 pm

damn its good to be back!!!!! well put there woco baseball....i can tell i like your thinking already...i am very impressed, bc you are much more organized than i am when it comes to arranging your thoughts in printed word....good work brother!!!!
reggie warren jr

Re: Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Postby wocogoose94 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:23 pm

What quantifies as stud pitching in the SOCON? You have to go all the way back to 2006 if you want to find stud SOCON pitching. In conference games only last year, Citadel was the only team to finish with a team ERA under 5. There were no teams with a team ERA under 5 in 2008 and 2 teams (Elon & WCU) had a team ERA under 5 in 2007.

Re: Congrats to Coach Wallace!

Postby WoCoBaseball on Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:48 am

I love people that try to take away from a point by highlighting a subjective claim... so Goose:

Yes "stud" is a subjective/relative term, my bad! I actually faced D1 SoCon pitching... and Clemson, USC, Wake, TTU, Georgia, Georgia Tech, etc - and in MY opinion (which may be different than others) - the SoCon has stud pitching (and so did the aforementioned "bigger" schools). I'm actually annoyed right now that I'm even responding to your ridiculous post.

BUT, that wasn't the point. Let me clarify for you Goose - Wofford doesn't win in the SoCon because the SoCon has better pitching... which is then supported by statistics... For example - In 2009, Wofford ERA at 8.49 and the Citadel ERA at 4.50 (that trend has been consistent throughout the years). And that's one stat - If I had more time I could highlight some other important pitching statistics to underline my point. SO my point in my previous post (in which you decided to accurately point out one of my subjective claims) is that NO MATTER WHO THE COACH IS... You can't win in baseball without Pitching! That's at any level my friends.

So what's the answer - recruit better, strengthen better, outsmart hitters - I don't know... I could give an opinion but seeing how this forum goes - I'm sure everyone will turn a blind eye to anything other than "Interdonato sucks as coach" Get Wallace here, etc.


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