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Postby dialing8 on Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:53 pm

fterriertags wrote: We are a Div 1 baseball team that conditions year round. So what is it that we aren't prepared for? Oh..to many games in a week? Give me a break!

First of all baseball in not a foot race. Conditioning helps you stay in shape, but will not win games. Pitching and hitting do that.

As for to many games in a week, that is a problem that coach Tqanner at South Carolina has complained about ALL season!!
I think he might know a little more about the game than all of us do.

This team has some talent, but what they appear to have is some attitude on the field. They have only appeared to give up in one game that I saw this year and that was in the the second game against Western Carolina.

I think we will see what they are made of after the next three weekend series with UNC-G, Furman and App. State. these are three weekend series that can and must win if they want to get in the tournament. Winning all three gives them a realistic chance for a 5,6,7 seed.
If they blow these three weekends then I think the boo birds might be able to grab my attention.


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