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Games Around the SoCon 2/07

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:36 am
by BestOfBreed
Only one game scheduled for today:

Georgia Southern at Jacksonville 4pm

http://livestats.judolphins.collegespor ... index.html
Listen Live:

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:06 pm
by BestOfBreed
Livestats not working but Jacksonville leads 3-0 bottom of the 4th.

If you can't tell... I'm at work bored out of my mind :)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 8:30 pm
by BestOfBreed
Georgia Southern 5
Jacksonville 10

Southern drops to 1-2 on the year.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 10:14 am
by PhoenixDad
I listened to that game too. I'm sure that GSU's bats will come around soon, but they seem to be off to a slow start.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 10:57 am
by BestOfBreed
Two E's on the shortstop yesterday didn't help them any either. IMO. the slow start isn't doing anything to help their case for a possible at-large bid assuming they need the at-large. They've got Georgia Tech coming in for a couple this weekend which should be interesting at least. A lot of games left to play.