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Re: @ Furman 2/10

Postby Ruckus2 on Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:23 am

I know this is a little late and we have 2 nice road wins in the interim but 2 key observations: we are very young and now play no seniors with Brooks out.
And second, we are just not that athletic. Skilled yes, athletic no. Boulder I think asked in another thread if we were slow. Yes!!! We are very slow. Even Fletcher who despite his supremely talented ability to shoot the basketball and score is just a very average D-1 athlete. We have to work so very hard and put forth exceptional effort on the defensive end. So when we get a little tired, we lose our ability to hit threes (the centerpiece of who we are) and get stops. As for the turnovers, that is youth and being tired. We are a tired basketball team right now.
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Re: @ Furman 2/10

Postby lawdog on Sun Feb 18, 2018 8:52 am

Not that slow.I think Fletcher is pretty athletic actually ... great timing and very good hops. We have focused on D and rebounding the last couple games, and that really opens up our offensive opportunities and sends the message that we are not giving anything away( except for the occasional lapses). We are subbing intelligently too, giving Murphy and others a more frequent blow ... it helps. Theme-Love getting more productive too. Aluma a big help and Manning chipping in. And Perez and Hollowell.
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Re: @ Furman 2/10

Postby boulder3m on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:25 pm

I agree that the substitutions are helping change up the look we are giving our opponents. While I am still bothered by the fact that our passes are telegraphed, by changing the personnel often the defense can't predict the passes. That we are playing 10 players regularly has got to help us be stronger at the end. It is not unlike using the offense we use in football that wears down a defense by the fourth quarter.
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Re: @ Furman 2/10

Postby dude on Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:17 pm

I don't think this Wofford team is exactly UNathletic. But there might be just a piece missing -- that extra-special athlete, like Karl Cochran....or that junkyard dog type guy, like Lee Skinner or Cam Rundles. Perhaps Derrick Brooks was coming into such a role with this team, and I think his injury hurts.

But I do think that Magee is a darn good athlete. Murphy is very quick, but small. I think Stumpe is a good athlete, but he's small to be playing power forward. Jackson is a strong physical presence, though a little lumbering. My sense is that Aluma and Hollowell -- maybe especially Hollowell -- are quite athletic, but they're young and still figuring things out. If one of those two guys really emerges next season, I think it could make a real difference.

So, yeah, I think Wofford has some good athletes this season -- just maybe not the exact combination of athletes at particular positions that has worked well in the past. But if the guys play hard and play smart -- and if Magee is hot and Jackson is assertive -- I think Wofford can stand a good chance rest of the season.
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Re: @ Furman 2/10

Postby LITTLEGIANTS on Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:41 pm

we are just not that athletic. Skilled yes, athletic no.

Right on Ruckus. If we dont believe it it watch us struggle against the press of a quick athletic team like ETSU. Or watch us try to get the ball inbounds against a hard pressing team overplaying us.

We dont win many , if any , track meets against other basketball teams in the SoCon. We'll win more than our share of basketball games though. We are an elite shooting team on a national basis. If Fletch, Stumpe and Hoover are all hot at the same time we can beat most anybody. Ask Ga Tech and UNCheat.
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