Hats Off to a Class Act

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Re: Hats Off to a Class Act

Postby boulder3m on Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:13 pm

There is a quote-somewhere- from Richard Johnson talking to his team before they played Wake Forest in Tim Duncan's senior season, in which RJ told the team that they would someday tell their grandchildren that they played on the same floor with Tim Duncan. I was fortunate enough to watch virtually every home game that Duncan played in WS. His friends, including my daughter, called him "baby," because he was younger than anyone in his class. He was humble, kind, friendly and normal-just the way he stayed in San Antonio. The marriage with David Robinson was perfect, and that Gregg Popovich decided to move from the front office to the bench was genius. Tim Duncan was simply the best power forward ever. No off court antics; no on court showboating; no final farewells that might deflect from the fact that it is a TEAM game. I went to two games in Charlotte, and both were to watch the Spurs and particularly Tim Duncan. You want your children and grandchildren to find an athlete that is a role model? He just retired with numbers that are so gaudy that they are hard to imagine. Five championships and in the playoffs EVERY YEAR for 19 straight years! He was drafted into a small market and stayed there. Sadly we will never see it again. #21 was special.
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