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Re: Scanning the SoCon- The Awards Edition

Postby woffordgrad94 on Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:20 am

boulder3m wrote:JohnMoc1- I think you have been very fair to us in your posts. I would like to point out one thing, however, that many have missed. With the exception of the late Davidson game, we played the games with the elite before we jelled as a team. Wofford started the season with Indiana Faithful as the expected point guard. It became fairly obvious after 10-12 games that it wasn't going to work. Meanwhile, a freshman from Aurora, Colorado began to show his skill and ability. When Faithful left it freed up the team to a degree and they really pulled together. Before that we were really stuck in a mud hole and unable to find a way out. The loss at home to Davidson and the two to Chattanooga came before we crawled out of the mud. We had two freshmen who made a real contribution, and our rotation of 8-9 players finally crystallized. Next year we gain a couple of freshmen who can help, and a transfer who should give us some front court support. If we can pick up some size we could be pretty good. Skinner has to play much larger than his size, and Aerris Smith played hurt all season. Next year could be special, but this year IS SPECIAL. This team learned how to play them one at a time, and many of us could do well to learn that as well. Down the stretch they went up to a very hostile environment and stunned Elon. In the final three game stretch, they won the only game that really mattered, and secured third place in a bracket opposite Davidson. I would say that this is Mike Young's best coaching season of his career, and that Lee Skinner and Karl Cochran learned how to play TEAM basketball, not AAU basketball. To win at Wofford you have to buy into the system and learn to play hard nosed, grinding, gut wrenching, floor burning defense. We don't have much of a budget for our teams, and I'm sure we pay our coaches a very low amount compared to others. We don't spend much on recruiting, and our players are treated just like the other students in class. These are not excuses-far from it. At Wofford they are badges of honor. Our mascot is a little dog who looks gentle and mild. However, if he has the need, he can be fierce and go for the throat of a bigger dog. He has to be smarter, quicker and tougher to win. We are proud of our little dog, and we all strive to be like him.
Thanks for keeping up with the League. It was very appropriate that the four that are leaving didn't challenge in either of the two revenue sports in the final season.

This is one of the best posts I've ever read on here.
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Re: Scanning the SoCon- The Awards Edition

Postby WTFan on Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:19 am

Absolutely agree. Well said.
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Re: Scanning the SoCon- The Awards Edition

Postby Art Vandalay on Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:45 pm

Thanks boulder! I thought those early games were me. I washed my lucky socks at the start of the season, and thought it took awhile for them to get back too form. :lol:
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