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Re: Davidson, 1-22

PostPosted: Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:03 am
by lawdog
We had a good chance to win tonight. We missed a lot of good shots. Our big guys, esp. Gordon, got inside a good bit and just couldn't get it down. Gordon, Skinner, and Neumann need to refine their moves six feet in, to take a little heat off our perimeter; Davidson did that better than we did. Our D on their shooters was good most of the time, but they hit some tough shots tonight while we could not - that's the bottom line (we shot 34 % to their 52 %). We lost our offensive rhythm and Cochran became our go-to shooter and put himself under too much pressure; he does better when he is able to distribute the ball and let the game come to him. Their 3 while well guarded at the end of the first half to tie it up was a killer (which was the result of our careless throw in).

Davidson is beatable by us; we are in a good spot for the tourney (which determines the bid) - it will be hard for Davidson to beat a good team like us 3 out of 3. Our chance to win the tourney is about as good as anyone's; it is in our hands.

I think Elon is a similar team but not as good.

The acoustics in the Davidson arena are horrible, by the way - could hardly understand a word said on the PA system. ... path=mbbal ... ?p=2&tc=pg