Recognition of Wofford's accomplishments

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Recognition of Wofford's accomplishments

Postby Eyes of Old Main on Thu Mar 15, 2012 12:57 am

Now that the season is over, I was thinking about the great run of the past several years. No doubt, Coach Young and his guys have made some great strides and really started to develop a "program" and not just a basketball team. Part of developing a program is identifying and cultivating a culture and tradition. While it will take many years of sustained success to say Wofford has a tradition of success at the D-I level, the foundation has been laid, at the least.

That leads me to the question of how should the Terriers accomplishments be recognized? Sure, we have some SoCon championship and NCAA appearance banners, and presumably a CBI banner on the way, but what else could/should we do to commemorate what has been done and display it pridefully as we create an aura around Wofford basketball?

The things that come to my mind are:

1) Retire Noah Dahlman's #42. Not only has he been our best player at the D-I level, but he did as much to start our fledgling culture as anyone. Also, he is responsible for reaching out to Rundles and Diggs. Without his ledership on and off the court, Wofford is not where it is today. In short, he is a Terrier's Terrier.

2) In addition to our retired jerseys, develop a program to honor other significant contributors. Many schools have created this as a level of recognition for great achievement, but still reserving full retirnement of a number fo just the select few. Perhaps start by honoring 3-5 and then add one per year or something like that.

3) Acknolwedge our historic wins. BAck before The CItadel renovated their football stadium, they had a billboard that had their logo on it surrounded by a bunch of broken bones with opponent names on them. I don't want to copy those guys too much, but something like that would look great on the wall opposite the scoreboard. Imagine how impressive a big Terrier head would look surrounded by broken bones with the names of some of the schools we've been since moving up. South Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Purdue, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, Georgia, etc.

None of these projects would cost a significant amount of money, but collectively, they would add a lot of symbolism and sense of history to our home court experience. We know that the BenJo can get loud, but these type things would also help create an atmosphere that we are currently missing. Thoughts?
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