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Postby Eyes of Old Main on Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:09 pm

I understand where we are and where we have been. I'm not second guessing anyone for anything that happened in the past. I see our biggest problem is that we are overly concerned with "how classy a guy" Coach X is. We've used that excuse for baseball for years under Traylor, we've used it with Young, and we'll use it for anyone that "is an asset to Wofford".

While I don't want to become totally mercenary like GSU and some others. But, I do want Wofford to become more results oriented in eveluating all aspects of our athletic department. Underachieving professors are not asked back, underachieving coaches are tolerated. Who else sees this double standard?

What I want is simple. Produce results (both on the court and off of it) in a reasonable amount of time (4-6 years) or be removed. Injuries and extenuating circumstances can be considered, but not relied upon. The professors I had at Wofford didn't accept mediocre results and neither have my employers. Why do we accept mediocre athletic results just because we have "classy coaches"?

I have no doubt that Mike Young is a good man, great ambassador for Wofford, and a very loyal person. He runs a clean program, graduates his players and is respected in the community. But, that is only part of his job description. If he can't win, then he needs to go.

What I want to see is a statement from our administration saying they support Coach Young, but that specific results-based timetables for winning have been set up and failure to meet certain benchmarks will result in termination.

I realize most of you will say this is harsh, but for example, is it really that far off base for us to expect a 20 win season within 2 more seasons? If the result of 20 wins if the standard of successful performance, I'll call that the equivalent of a B academically. If that's a fair assumption, then why should the standard of athletic success be so much less than that of academic success?

What message are we sending with this apathetic approach we are cloaking behind the Wofford Way? Does being in the bottom half of the conference in virtually every sport create a positive impression of the College? Isn't doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result kind of silly?

I support our coaches, but if they can't produce results, we should shake their hand, apologize that things didn't work out, and move on. Maybe that makes me a bad fan to some, but I choose to believe that I am a realistic fan with realistic expectations. I am not happy with the results our athletic department is generally generating and at some point, if things don't change, perhaps I should stop caring so much when others obviously do not.
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