The future of college and/or Wofford football ???

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The future of college and/or Wofford football ???

Postby Retiredterrier on Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:19 pm

Look at this facility !!! Awesome looking. I doubt that Wofford could do anything of this magnitude but maybe we could do something on a smaller and hence less expensive scale. Say have part of a field with one goal post sort of like a half court of basketball. But I have no idea if that would do any good. It might be a waste of money. Would we absolutely have to have an entire field in an indoor facility to make it worthwhile ? Thoughts and/or opinions ? If we could do it then it would definitely ratchet up our recruiting. Also do you think this is a new trend that the big schools are going to use ? Or am I in the dark and some have already a facility on the same scale as this ? I know big schools have indoor facilities but are they as nice as this one ?
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Re: The future of college and/or Wofford football ???

Postby Eyes of Old Main on Sun Oct 07, 2018 9:08 pm

Indoor practice facilities are all the rage in FBS and I suppose some FCS have them as well, but I don't see Wofford funding something like this in this incarnation. However, I have driven past UAB's new practice facility while in Birmingham on business and am impressed with it's utility and innovation. They built basically what Virginia Tech has in your link, but without walls which saves drastic expense. They are cash strapped (clearly they dropped football at one point) and are being careful with their resources (as Wofford would need to be). I can see this being an option provided we have the real estate to commit to it.
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Re: The future of college and/or Wofford football ???

Postby Retiredterrier on Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:04 pm

Thanks Eyes. Your link is a good one. Interesting concept of a facility without walls. I like the idea of not having have walls and A/C. When the game is played you would not have those luxuries. We have in the past always seemed to be in good enough physical condition to wear down the opposing team because we have practiced in the heat and humidity. With A/C it seems that the conditioning advantage would be much less and so may not be a good idea for the Terriers. And I was also wondering if we would have enough property to build a facility of that size. Anyway it was just a thought. Imagine having a facility that would be our football version of the new JRIS (not of course with all of the same features of the JRIS but something new and exciting that looks impressive and would enhance recruiting)
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Re: The future of college and/or Wofford football ???

Postby boulder3m on Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:19 am

This is an interesting topic. Here in town Wake Forest is spending a fortune, with the help of Ben Sutton and others, to build state-of-the-art athletic facilities on campus. They have an indoor football facility and a new basketball facility that is similar. I have wondered why the Panthers couldn't cover their existing stadium without having to build a new domed stadium. Without knowing anything concrete, I would think the idea of covering stadiums or training fields is being developed by the engineers in the building industry. It would seem to be a rather inexpensive concept, given the amount of development of clear span building materials.
Taking that a few steps further, it is interesting that the new Panther's owner has hired a soccer guru to be the President of the Panthers. His plan, it appears, is to be able to use the stadium for big time soccer as well as football. International soccer, for whatever the reason, has not seemed to become fixated on indoor stadiums like the NFL. To maximize his investment, the Panthers owner is looking to use his facilities more and create new sources of revenue.
What does all this have to do with Wofford? Probably not much in the immediate future. But what if Wofford put together a long range plan that saw the school become a University with 2,500-3,000 undergraduates; and moved to FBS football in a league made up of schools in a general region, such as Charlotte, Ga St, Kennesaw St, Furman, Appalachian, Charleston, Coastal, and maybe the Alabama schools? A 16 team league that wouldn't have overwhelming travel expenses and would have natural rivalries would be interesting; and then it would get a piece of the FBS/NCAA pie that is becoming HUGE. On our Board now is the man who had the dream to move Wofford from NAIA up to D1 at a time when many thought it was ridiculous. Maybe he could head up the committee that would make that long range plan and begin to implement it. Hmmmm
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