No Football Banquet....

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Re: No Football Banquet....

Postby Cub on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:35 pm

I am going to ask a dumb question here as a daily reader but infrequent poster. Has anyone actually reached out to Conklin, the AD or Samhat and asked what they intend to do about this? I suspect none of them read the message board. My experience with the administration over the fraternity house debacle is that they are oblivious to the impact of the decisions they make have on individuals or in this case a team. Unfortunately, they may not understand it is a problem. That's the Wofford Way
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Re: No Football Banquet....

Postby Atldog7 on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:29 pm

ED, Wasn't assuming they wouldn't come back, I suspect most if not all would make the trip. Was just wondering how many might already be off campus.
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Re: No Football Banquet....

Postby Eric Deutsch on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:54 pm

Atldog7 wrote:ED, Wasn't assuming they wouldn't come back, I suspect most if not all would make the trip. Was just wondering how many might already be off campus.

Fair enough. I'm somewhat grumpy and probably a bit touchy on this subject. My apologies for misreading the tone of the post.
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Re: No Football Banquet....

Postby crabbyterrier on Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:01 pm

OK. I just had a phone conversation with Richard Johnson about the banquet. This is the info I received. Since '85, there has been a Senior Athletic Banquet at year end honoring all seniors in all sports. This is an official banquet in the budget. Football started doing informal event after spring practice some years after '85. This was not something handled by the administration. It was just something "that football did on their own". Then somewhere along the way, "football" decided to incorporate recruiting into their informal event and then started inviting parents. Somewhere during all the coaching transitions he thinks it was kind of forgotten by "football". So basically it was never a budgeted administration handled event. There will be an event for the ring ceremony and he thinks moving forward it will go back to Football Letterman's Day event.

It's not that the administration dropped the ball at all. It was the chaos going on after Coach retired that caused those the event to fall through the cracks but it's not like the seniors won't be honored as they will all be honored at the Senior Athletic Banquet. There could also be Title 9 ramifications with monies not being evenly spent. So I think we can let the Administration off the hook.

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Re: No Football Banquet....

Postby youngterrier on Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:36 pm

Here's the thing I've learned about the administration in my short being a Terrier (I know President Samhat and a couple other administrators):

They are not apathetic about anything on Wofford's campus. They want the best for everyone. They don't want to undermine anything that's worked well for us (they can do a SWOT analysis).

Similarly, because Wofford is a small college with small staff, a lot of these things get done informally by people. Because the people who put on certain events on campus (athletic, social, etc) aren't paid to do so and the responsibility is pretty informal, when there's transition, stuff like this happens.

Most famously, there was the craziness with the new Greek Village a couple years ago. That was no one's fault. People freaked out because the administration basically renewed routine contracts that had not been fully enforced or lived up to by either side, which freaked out Executive councils who weren't in charge when those agreements were previously in place.

I don't bring up the Greek Life bit to digress or to engage in that long-dead-and-hopefully-forever-dead conversation, but to illustrate my general point.

Maybe the average administrator doesn't care as passionately about Wofford athletics as the average poster here does, but they aren't apathetic either. They are people with lives, and what's great about Wofford is that you can email them and call them (their office info is freely available online) and, provided you're respectful and reasonable (as I have no doubt Crabby just did!) they will explain everything.

Long story short, this program is sustained by the passion of everyone within it and this gaps are filled when we respectfully point out our blind spots. We have less eyes on site compared to other programs, so we have more blind spots.
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Re: No Football Banquet....

Postby 19TERRIER19 on Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:27 pm

It’s worries.
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