Shout out to Coach Lang...

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Shout out to Coach Lang...

Postby 19TERRIER19 on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:11 pm

Coach was pulling the right strings on Saturday. He was really dialed in and had Western off balance for much of the night. You factor in 2 uncharacteristic drops and 1 over throw on another wide open receiver and our offense was really humming. Established Andre early and often, set up the perimeter run game extremely well, and if not for our own mistakes with penalties we add several more scores including the one that was called back. Fantastic job by Coach Lang and the offensive staff having a great game plan, and really dialing in with the play calling. Was a thing of beauty. And the use of Newman was right on, and let him okay through the excellent play by the Western defender on the pitch. Newman looked poised and had a nice spring in his step.

Coach Lang takes a lot of grief, comes with the territory as the OC of a Triple Option team, but for what Coach has dealt with his father passing, He really was on top of his game and had the offense humming. KUDOS Coach.....
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Re: Shout out to Coach Lang...

Postby youngterrier on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:19 pm

As I said in another thread, this was the one game where I felt that the good playcalling bailed out the poor execution, the inverse of the norm of this year.

Joe Newman has a fumble problem when it comes to the pitch, but it's okay. He's young and learning and has earned the respect and confidence of everyone to be the number two. Sometimes it's better to have a number two who can light up the defense on the drop of the hat (what Mitch Allen did for Ben Widmyer comes to mind). What you're seeing in execution in terms of not turning the ball over is the difference between a fifth year guy and a second year guy.

Having said that, we can't be too confident/cocky moving forward. There are lots of reasons to think that Western has an average to below-average defense. We're not going to be able to plow through defenses like the Citadel, Samford or any playoff team like that.

We need to elevate our play. Less turnovers, consistently good play calling, less turnovers and better execution. We haven't yet seen our offense's full potential, and some of those attributes are out of their hands (good defenses neutralize execution and cause turnovers), but we can still do better.

I may disagree with Lang's approach on occasion but he's definitely good at his job.
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Re: Shout out to Coach Lang...

Postby lawdog on Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:08 pm

Not long ago I had a chance to chat for a few minutes with Coach Lang. I was very impressed with his apparent dedication to Wofford and Coach Ayers. He is a good example of someone who knows his stuff and shows up each day to do the nitty gritty detail work that is the difference between success and failure.

The fact that he has had the confidence of Coach Ayers for so long speaks volumes.
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Re: Shout out to Coach Lang...

Postby Eyes of Old Main on Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:35 pm

I will agree with the attaboys for Coach Lang. The game plan was solid and worked. Several of those drives particularly so. Couple that with the OL which wore down Western's DL and by the end there was little doubt that Wofford would have to do something to stop itself on offense because Western wasn't going to.

Western is a very good team and will win a bunch of games this season. They are probably the second best team in this conference and are likely a playoff team unless the losses get evenly distributed. I'm very happy for Western's success; they've struggled for years and deserve a good run.

That being said, this game against El Cid is scary because it's at their place and they are a proud program that's backed into a corner. If they lose this Saturday then they are probably done for the year and they know it. Wofford will get their maximum effort without question.
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