Mid-term Report

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Mid-term Report

Postby youngterrier on Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:05 am

Now, that we're 5 games into the year, we're officially half way through our FCS schedule.

I would give our overall effort a B. We have steadily improved over the last month of the season.

The defense is phenomenal, but I am concerned about one thing: We're last in the conference in sacks with only 4. I don't know if it's because of who we have played or what their scheme has been or if we're just not getting pressure, but we're just not. Admittedly, we've actually played a pretty tough schedule in Socon play, and all of the teams we've played thus far have had a mobile QB. The statistic is really odd considering our other stats. Every team we've played has played below average offense due to our defensive performance. We're in the top three in the conference in pass defense, total defense, rush defense and pass efficiency defense. The only game I would say we played bad against was Gardner Webb, as they were efficient passing the ball than they should have been.

compared to last year, our defense is allowing about 4.8 points more per game (21.8 compared to 17 ppg). If you take away the points opponents scored off short field (turnovers and special teams), the average is about the same. Either way, we need to curb those mistakes. The good news is that we've played three of the better offenses in the conference slate. I expect some "regression to the mean" when we play VMI, Chattanooga and ETSU.

Defensive overall grade: A-

Offensive grade: The offense is quietly a lot better than last year. I need not regurgitate the statistics about offensive efficiency as I did this week. We've only turned the ball over 4 times, and we haven't thrown an interception yet. That's a phenomenal number through 5 games. The only comparable number I can think for this turnover number is 2008 but I can't find the number.

Last year against FCS competition we did not break the 400 yard mark. We did it twice this year already, and we haven't played the worst defenses on our schedule yet. We have a dangerous passing game and for the first time in a long time I feel like we run a complete offense that's hard to stop. Still we need to score more points, because for one reason or another that's the reason why these games are closer than they should be.

Offensive overall grade B

Special Teams:

Unfortunately, this will pull down our overall grade. Though we're great at kicking field goals and extra points (knock on wood, our kicker is the only one in conference to not miss either), we have problems with kick coverage, kicking it deep on kickoffs, and net-punting. Luke Carter is a great kicker, and I'm certain he'll grow into his own, but right now he doesn't have the leg strength. Maybe it's a matter of doing too much at once or maybe he just doesn't have the strength in the leg, either way he could do a little bit better. Even so, we've had less-good kickers and better kick coverage in the past.
FG/Placekicking: A+
Punting: B-
Kickoff: B
Kickoff Coverage: C-
Punt coverage: B

I'd give us an overall grade of a B thus far.
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