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Comments from your Furman Fan - way to go !

PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:31 pm
by gofurman
Ok, I don't just post about FU v Wofford.. am keeping us w SoCon .. and I think that is just you all now ! Way to represent.

Game 1 v CSU. Glad you won this. Offense owes your D a dinner or something. Not being mean but I think I saw you had under 200 yards of offense?? Man, that says wonderful things about your D. Not so much about the O. CSU is really good. So thats a superb win. One thing I wanted to throw out there is that WOff (and my school :D ) are MUCH MUCH harder to get in than CSU. Chadwell (who has been mentioned as a possible Furman coach in the search) is a decent guy he just doesn't have any academic requirements to go up against when recruiting. Literally if you have a GED you get in CSU. Its not a prestigous school. Again, that's not a knock on him. That's just the school's requirements. He does have to recruit against bad facilities. They have a stadium that is atrocious. Anyway, GREAT D. not much O - Great win!!! way to beat a team that played right w NDSU and has no academic requirements. They can recruit a ton of guys you guys (and us) can't touch.

Citadel - they got what was coming. They kept escaping... heck, vs us.. but mainly vs you all. I saw Woff Citadel in person for your homecoming. You guys were better. Citadel reminded me of Clemson with all their close scores.. and then Pitt happened. Glad you guys beat em. All those close wins and escapes deserved a loss. Again, the D holding them to 3 !!!!! Again, need more O to feel safe. Goodman went out? CONGRATS ON WINNING IN CHARLESTON That is not easy

Is Goodman ok for next week or are you on to qb 4 Newman.? If so what are your thoughts on Newman?? what is he better at or worse at - And I mean no offense, just everyone clearly has strengths and weaknesses... some of your QBs are better throwing.. some have a little more speed.. etc.. Some are better at reading the pitch. I think Goodman is great at running the team but struggled w the pitch a little - thus the regular season Citadel loss...but what do I know

Let me know your thoughts and WAY TO GO . Congrats !!!!!!!!

Re: Comments from your Furman Fan - way to go !

PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:14 pm
by 19TERRIER19
Appreciate the congrats. Joe Newman is along the lines of Evan Jacks, our original starting QB, elite athlete at the helm. May not be as composed a passer as Butler or Goodson........but we don't know just yet as he has only played that half against Citadel in the playoffs and a snap of 2 during the season.

Re: Comments from your Furman Fan - way to go !

PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:38 pm
by youngterrier
If Joe Newman performs well...just look out, that's all I have to say.

Wofford right now is the biggest wild card in the playoffs because of Joe Newman and our stout defense. If both are "for real" we could make a run.

stay tuned

Re: Comments from your Furman Fan - way to go !

PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2016 4:41 am
by gofurman
YSU will be tough. I think they beat JSU? Man. May be wrong there

Anyway. Did you all lose some guys last week or the week before? I thought i heard you had a lot of injuries