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Re: 2016 Spring practice

PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 8:49 pm
by Loyalterrier
According to the spring recap article almost a fourth of the team did not practice because of injury or surgery. But all of them are expected to return in the fall ready to play. So even though a fourth of the team did not participate we still had a high level of execution. Very few penalties and all comments that I read were positive and upbeat. And the guys that were out are either first stringers or close to it except for maybe a small number. And from MA's comments it seems that some young players stepped up and showed their stuff. So we have a significant number of young players who should play a good bit and maybe start. And overall the outlook is positive and exciting. I have a better feeling now than at the beginning of the spring. And on top of that the incoming Fr class is awesome and some of them may play too. Go Terriers !!!