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Re: Furples 11-21

PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 12:24 am
by gofurman
Great job on the win. I mean that. Really. You beat us fair and square all the way.

But honestly we are HORRIBLE. I listed that before the game. We make everyone that runs the ball look like a superstar. For perspective, this was our worst rushing offense in FORTY years! Think about that. We haven't had a team with worse rushing offense since the 70s. And we sucked in the early 90s before Bobby Johnson took us to the national title game. Not sour grapes. Just honesty. We suck. We can't run. We can't stop the run. We can pass some and at times you all struggle to stop the pass. Thus my prediction that it would be moderately high-scoring for a team (us) that averages 16 points a game. SIXTEEN POINTS a game and SIX points per first half. Six. I can't even comprehend that. So you ran up and down the field on us for 400+ yards and we threw well enough w Blaze to get 28 points. Hope Hannon is ok. That's his second concussion.

If not this year, I think you will see some OC or other changes in gville. We have been the worst offense in socon five years running now. W e. S u c k

Kudos to,you all on getting to our short passing game. It appeared to me to you all had improved your pass D some, esp the short pass D. Other teams seemed to have better luck with out passes and then getting 5 yards. You picked our first (looked like a design to do that as you suspected we would go right at that). And then I didn't really see as much cushion from your DBs as I had in other games. Kudos on that. Our TE had to make great catches for us to get those late TDs. He was well covered by Woff. Good job. Why couldn't you gphave played off our recvrs lie I saw in your prior games ? :D Why pick on us. lol