9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

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Re: 9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

Postby g-webb1994 on Fri Sep 25, 2015 2:25 pm

Our defense is stout, and will keep us in games. We are playing alot of young players on the offensive side of the ball. Our offensive output last year was anemic, and that was with a senior QB and senior skill players that we lost. Our hope is to keep it close heading into the fourth and somehow get a break or two to try and pull an upset.

I'm afraid of a high dose of revenge tomorrow evening however. With our program still trying to rebuild from the absolute mess the previous regime left behind (including a nice postseason ban this season due to academics), finding a way to beat y'all 3 straight years would be most unfathomable, but would really help our program, especially with recruiting in the local area in particular. It would also have me asking questions if I were a Terrier fan/alum/booster if that took place.

A prediction? I'll say WOF 24 GW 10.

Re: 9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

Postby 19TERRIER19 on Fri Sep 25, 2015 4:11 pm

Thanks G-Webb for your input and insight. I see GWebb playing Gritty defense and a real young but lots of potential offensively. There will be games where everything will go right for that offense and they will put up numbers, however, I do not think this is the week. I think Wofford is being slept on by the National media and pundits from around the SoCon, seeing them listed as low as 7th predicted in one poll in the Socon (Mercer Paper). I think Wofford is much better than is given credit for due to the last couple of seasons struggles and Wofford comes out and does pretty much like they did to Tenn. Tech. I see a 31-14 type of score in this one.
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Re: 9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

Postby lawdog on Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:00 pm

I'd certainly settle for 24-10. Their offense will rely heavily on the QB, who I think we can stop. But they are well coached and have some hosses on defense; we need to play well on offense, which must include mixing it up some.

Game is on SoCon Digital Network.
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Re: 9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

Postby boulder3m on Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:39 am

Is the field covered with a tarp when it rains like this? Just wondering if it will be playable or like it was two years ago. Need rain? Play GW
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Re: 9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

Postby Ruckus on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:58 am

Don't forget the monsoon we had in Boiling Springs in 2012 where the game was delayed because a thunderstorm sat over the field. While the skies eventually cleared, the field was a mess. Stood in ankle deep water underneath the edge of the old press box on visitor's side (home side when we played there back in the day).
Never will forget GWU going at Shelton 3 straight times with a fade route for their 6'4" WR inside the 20 and being denied Wylie had another INT in the end zone. I knew then we were in for a good year.
Must have had some pass interference rule changes since then.
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Re: 9/26/15 The Gardner Webb University Running Bulldogs

Postby youngterrier on Sat Sep 26, 2015 11:44 am

According to my iphone weather app it's not supposed to rain much today.

I think GW has some offensive problems as they haven't scored 20 points as a unit yet (as a team they scored 23 against USA but they got a pick 6).

The key for Wofford is to A) start jacks and B) not turn over the ball

If the wofford offense does that I think we win this game going away.

I think Wofford 38 GW 14.

We see another QB in the second half
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