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PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:19 am
by boulder3m
Our Linemen, both on O and D, are studs. They don't ever get enough credit for the jobs they do. Our O Line is still changing, but they started to click against PC and allow the real Triple Option Wofford Offense to show their stuff. We got the chance to get playing experience for all of our guys, and it was fun to watch-over and over. They go about their dirty, sweaty, bruising, bloody jobs over and over again; setting up play after play. This post is to let them know they ARE appreciated. They are the engine that allows us to run. As for the D Line, our Big Three are warriors. They are all tough guys who demand respect and oftentimes double teaming from their opponents. Thurley is coming on, and gives us another dimension, with his size and agility. On the film you can see the Big Three coming off the bench to congratulate big Hunter after the interception return. They have great pride as a unit, and they set up our linebackers and d-backs. HOGDOGS should be heroes for all Terrier Fans.