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Postby woffwoff on Mon Sep 11, 2006 1:58 pm

Chill, dude. I was only responding to you saying you were concerned about the oline not having any depth. And yeah, second guessing what happens and monday morning quarterbacking is part of the game.
My bad, I didn't realize that only you get to have any say and that everybody should say what you want to hear. Somebody mentions they don't like what the coach says to the paper and somebody else jumps down their throat- please webmaster- post the opinions we are supposed to have-this will be a great forum I'm gone ya'll enjoy saying only what you want to hear to yourselves.

Postby Ruckus on Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:38 pm

Woffwoff, as in "Cool Hand Luke", it seems as if we have a failure to communicate. I am not criticizing you in the least. You have misuderstood my point entirely which only means I apparently didn't make it very cleary. I apologize for my inarticulateness. Although I didn't comment on this, I AGREE that the comment sounded a little off the mark but I trust Mike and the other coaches and know he didn't mean any ill will with it (you'd have to hear the entire interview for context). I AGREE that this board and its participants should share and respect opposing opinions. We can all agree to disagree when necessary. I AGREE we are all Monday morning qb-ing to some degree. Please do NOT sign off , esp. on my account. One of things I hate about email is its inability to reflect tone and inflection. I again apologize if you have taken my earlier comments otherwise.
But my original point was simply to support my comment about o-line depth and the idea of playing depth and my attitude towards who should be and not be playing (which I don't agree should be open to discussion unless there are comparative game performances to discuss since we don't know what happens in practice and aren't paid to coach the team; again, just my opinion). I realize and appreciate there are others who may not agree with me. That's fine with me. I am just saying what I think which in the end is worth absolutely zero. I really hope you accept my clarification.
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Postby TDOG21 on Mon Sep 11, 2006 2:59 pm

I think we are seeing the effect of only having 48 scholarships. I don't know how many Coastal has, but the injuries clearly had an effect on the game. Fewer scholarships means less depth. I hope we can get well and rally.

Postby BossTerrier on Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:05 pm

Injuries did not allow 41 points. Two or three big plays did. 14 points was directly related to big plays. Too much is made of injuries. Coastal had their share of injured starters as well. We made stupid mistakes and that is what hurt, not injuries. Scholarships didn't matter in this game, it was inopportune play calling (Halfback pass, last possesion deep pass). The option killed them.

If we got blown out I might tend to agree. We had every opportunity to win this game, and I mean every opportunity. Hopefully our kids will rebound.

I hear Carolina may be starting Smelley at QB. Any predictions on this game?

Postby TDOG21 on Mon Sep 11, 2006 4:45 pm

Wofford football has been not being in the position to make halfback pass and late deep throws. Suffocating defense has been a trademark of successful Wofford teams. My point was that if you have more scholarships, you have backups who are upperclassmen, rather than depending on younger/less experienced players., or playing wideouts in the defensive backfield. I think we are looking at this game all wrong. It is the beat up defense that is the problem. Anytime Wofford scores 38 points, it should win with its current offensive and defensive philosophy.

What is the consensus on what has to happen now in order for the terriers to make the playoffs?

My guess is only one loss in the conference

Postby woffwoff on Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:18 pm

Ruckus- Clarification understood, thanks for taking the time. I too, trust the coaches, but I don't think they are immune from mistakes nor do I think they always know who can contribute and who can't. Some guys play the game better than they practice it and some guys are better at practicing than playing and you never know which is which until the whistle blows.
Best players on the field for sure but never forget-we have football next year too.
Ruckus you are a gentleman and a scholar- must be a woco grad :o

Postby Ruckus on Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:10 am

Good points made by all but I tend to agree with Boss. In the end it's the mistakes that killed us, by both players AND coaches. 21 is right though when he says we are not accostomed to seeing those kind of mistakes on the defensive side of the ball (esp. by guys with some experience). Weak line play and the big plays hurt us, and you can't just lay it all at the feet of the injury bug (although more scholarships would help in that regard, no doubt). Where do we go from here? I think that while this week is esentially a throw away game schedule wise and in all practicality, it is HUGE for our team psychologically. Just like getting blown out by Air Force at the start of '03, our season will depend on how we respond. I have great hope but I must admit that this is now 2 weeks in a row that we have some big plays behind us in the secondary with weak play up front. Unless some guys get healthy soon, that may not change very quickly. I think the big plays are a result of some guys trying to do too much and not maintaining their primary assignments which may be a reflection on the thinness of our defense right now. There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel because by all rights we should have won Saturday night. To be honest, I was not that impressed with CCU as we moved the ball at will (when was the last time 2 of backs got over 100 yards?) and our defenses in the past would have shut them down. I think the loss was more a reflection of us than them. We'll see.
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