No more playoffs in South Carolina

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No more playoffs in South Carolina

Postby walliver on Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:06 pm

It looks like Wofford may not host another playoff game for a long time regardless of what is accomplished on the field this year

The NCAA will look into expanding its ban of championship events in South Carolina, possibly disallowing baseball and football teams from hosting postseason games because the Confederate flag is displayed on Statehouse grounds.

Robert Vowels Jr., the head of the NCAA's Minority Opportunities and Interest Committee, said his group received a request from the Black Coaches Association about expanding the ban, which currently prevents predetermined postseason events -- like basketball regionals and cross-country championships -- from being awarded to South Carolina sites.

"I think it's something worth looking at," said Vowels, the commissioner of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. ... 018/SPORTS
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Postby Ruckus on Fri Aug 04, 2006 5:12 pm

........and THE most ridiculous position I have ever seen suggested by the NCAA. I could write volumes on this subject, but I will refrain except to ask: Will the BCA and the NCAA also promote boycotts of every state, city or school who have confederate monuments on their grounds or use confederate symbols (Ol' Miss and UNLV to name a few)? How about states who banished Native Americans to reservations yet have monuments to the U.S. government? How about states who incarcerated people of Japanese descent in concentration camps during WW2? I could go on and on.
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Postby Puppyfan on Sat Aug 05, 2006 2:20 pm

The determination of this by the NCAA boggles my mind. The flag is inflamatory and unnecessary, however, it is not the college athletes that have decided it should wave at the capitol. It is not the men and women who play a sport, represent their school and work as a team with others regardless of race, religion or any other bogus personal measurement, who raise that flag every morning. The NCAA is punishing schools hoping for what? That the population will rise up and demand that the flag go - so that we can have playoffs? If the flag won't be removed because it should be removed, because that is the right and moral decision, not having a playoff will not take that flag down. The college athletes who represent SC schools just became a pawn in a game they didn't ask to play. NCAA- work on stopping steroid abuse, takeing money from alum, and making sure the athletes don't forget it is about the education. Let the political statements be made by the politicians and if the people of SC want to wave a flag that is offensive, well, that is their right,
but it is certainly NOT the fault of SC's college athletes.

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