4/16/2006 article on Goupstste.com

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4/16/2006 article on Goupstste.com

Postby Rowdy on Sun Apr 16, 2006 6:19 pm

I'm curious. With the good Spring game Ben Wydmer had, why wouldn't he get more playing time next season? Josh collier is a very good athlete and we did have injuries to key personnel on offense, but I was disappointed in several games offense wise. According to this Heral Journal writer, Ben will still be no more than a backup. Now I know Ben must prove himself again in the fall, but this poster thinks he needs more playing time.

Kevious back, Bethay gone

Published April 16, 2006

1. Quarterback Josh Collier is in no danger of losing any playing time to Ben Widmyer. Collier might not be progressing as quickly as people want, but the rising junior is still the No. 1 guy. Widmyer, who had a nice spring, is strictly the backup.

2. To keep Collier from getting hurt in the spring, he was protected more than the boy in the bubble. If a fellow student came too close to Collier in the hallways, a referee jumped out and blew a whistle.

3. Fans shouldn't worry that halfback Kevious Johnson didn't immediately run wild in his return to the Terriers. The former Southern Conference freshman of the year had a quiet spring, but is nowhere near being in football shape after taking a year off. He'll be his spectacular self by fall.

4. Dane Romero, the quarterback-turned-fullback-turned-halfback, is also being coveted by the defense. Coaches would love to have Romero at free safety. It's unlikely, however, that the Terriers would ask one of their main ball carriers to tackle people.

5. Wofford has questions at nose tackle, where the graduating Katon Bethay was All-American, and didn't appear to land the heir apparent on signing day. Bryan Blair is the starter, but can't always overcome his size (5-foot-7, 255 pounds). The Terriers don't want to move Layton Baker from defensive end, where he was outstanding last year.

6. Tight end Fenn Allen is ready to become a big (6-5, 215) weapon. It probably could have happened last season as a freshman, but the Terriers stayed with the better blocker in senior Cody Garland. Wofford's game plan will be tweaked to get the ball into Allen's hands.

7. You never want to lose your starting job because of injury or interim, but Nick Robinson may have dropped on the depth chart while spending the semester studying in Chile. Patrick Mugan was impressive on extra points and field goals.

8. Chris Tommie is still way too inconsistent to be considered an all-conference punter. The rising sophomore can boom a 70-yarder and then shank one straight out of bounds. Tommie is like a power pitcher who might need to choke back a little to get some control.

9. Some years it's ankles, some years it's knees, this year is was shoulders. Offensive linemen Marty Bauer and Ben Miller, as well as linebacker Jason Leventis all went under the knife. Bauer and Leventis didn't have a good shoulder between them.

10. Wofford's biggest loss during the offseason was running backs coach Freddie Brown, who is now at Woodruff High School. He was so valuable in mentoring and motivating the running backs. As a recruiter, he brought in some pretty good ones, such as Johnson and Jesse McCoy, the only two 1,000-yard running backs in Wofford's Division I-AA era.


Postby T-fan on Sun Apr 16, 2006 8:28 pm

I dont think this writer knows what he is talking about. The QB job is wide open. Let's face facts here. Collier last year was not very good and it was his 3rd year in the program.39% completion percentage and being very shaky at running the option will not get it done. And as far as being protected in the spring probably only after Ben went down was this done.
If for any reason Collier went down the offensive practice for the spring would have been over. Does anyone know who wrote this article because I didnt see a name attached to it? Josh was also pretty shaky in the spring. I didnt see any improvement. If Wofford is going to be successful it needs better QB play and Collier hasnt proven he can do it. Ben deserves a shot.

Postby dungeonjoe on Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:04 pm

Ayers has always been loyal and I think Collier in the Qb postion will be true in the Fall. Freddie Brown's absence to me is a bigger loss.
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Postby walliver on Mon Apr 17, 2006 8:50 am

I hope the reporter is off-base. I'd hate for Widmyer to waste 3 years of eligibility sitting on the bench. Last year he was the more exciting quarterback (although some of the excitement wasn't good - too many fumbles). Zollman and Rogers started as true sophomores and put us in the top 25. Loyalty to players is important, but Ayers has an obligation to the TEAM to play the best quarterback. If that player is Collier that's fine. Hopefully with Kevious at Fullback and Romero at running back it will take some of the pressure off the quarterback. The running backs did very little last year (of course when the quarterback basically runs the halfbacks out of bounds before lobbing a pitch it is hard to gain much with the option).
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Postby Rowdy on Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:44 pm

I agree losing Coach Brown was a major setback, but I also have the upmost faith that Mike Ayers will fine a very capable replacemnet for him.

Postby fgs44 on Tue Apr 18, 2006 2:12 am

We don't know whether or not the writer knows exactly what he is talking about. I presume that someone that made such a confident statement had some kind of insight that allowed him, or her, to make those comments re the qb situation. However, I am very confident that the coaches, whether the head coach, or the offensive coordinator, are going to play the people that in their estimation give us the best chance each week to win. Whoever is considered to be the starter today, may not be in that same place at the end of the first week of two a days, or after the first game, or midway through the season. The same goes for every position on the field. Loyalty is one thing, and has a place However, being a successful coach, and Mike Ayers is, requires that you play the people that gives your team its best opportunity to win. Mike does that----
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